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Gloria Audu Has Finally Become A Mother Of A Bouncy Baby Boy After About Three Years Of Pregnancy.

God has answered the prayers of Mrs Gloria Audu, a woman who suffered the pains of not having a child for 12 years.

In a chat with The Nation, the woman revealed that she went through psychological trauma in her quest to have a child of her own.

After so many years of waiting for a child, she was eventually declared pregnant. However, her troubles did not end there. The so much sought after the pregnancy became a burden to her as she was confined to carrying it for two years - an unusual thing in human biology.

Gloria Audu has finally become a mother of a bouncy baby boy after about three years of pregnancy. Photo: The Nation
Audu who is from Migili tribe in Obi local government area, Nasarawa state said a middle-aged woman in her churched revealed to her, based on the signs she was exhibiting, that she was pregnant.

She said she went to a doctor and after a test was carried out, the health official diagnosed her with fibroid.

“I went again to the middle aged woman about one and a half years later and complained to her about the pains that I was going through. She told me again that I was pregnant. She prayed with me and advised me to be more prayerful so that God would deliver me from the hands of the devil.
“While I kept praying, I was also asking myself why the baby was not kicking if truly I was pregnant.
Going further, she narrated her experience while giving birth to her son:

“Initially, I thought it was worms that were trying to come out of my body. I did not believe that it was a baby. That was what I told the middle age woman when she came to assist me at the hospital after praying for me and helping to examine and encourage me.
“I was in deep pains, so I ignored her advice that I should push. I later became unconscious for about 27 minutes. When I regained consciousness, I heard the cry of a baby. I was surprised and confused seeing my baby. I couldn’t believe my eyes. But I thank God for my life and that of my baby.”
Meanwhile, had reported that a woman with the Twitter handle @Vitamin_Cee has brought the joy of motherhood to the platform as many celebrated with her.

In a post on the bird app on Monday, December 14, the woman said she got twins at a time she just wished to have one child.

The woman had at different times in the past shared photos of the babies saying so many things about them. On Sunday, December 6, she wondered if she could know what her little humans were thinking.

Looking super cute, the kids innocently stared at the camera as they lay on their bed. Many showed the children much love on the platform with positive comments.


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Zhinomikky (Premium)   7 months ago
God is great

Efewealth (Basic)   7 months ago
Thanks to God

Covenant731 (Basic)   7 months ago
Good information

colley (Basic)   7 months ago
God is merciful... congratulations to you Mrs Audu

Blessed102020 (Basic)   7 months ago
God is awesome. No time is too late for Him. May God be praised.


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