Man sets himself on fire

Jordan: Man sets himself on fireAn Arab man set himself on fire near the fourth circle in Amman, Jordan, a media spokesman for the Directorate for Pub...

This Nigerian Man And His Chinese Girlfriend Are Awaiting Execution In China, Read What They Did

Had it been some people weigh the cost of their actions and inactions, I do not think they will do something that will ever land them in a big mess. T...

Hotel offer 50000+ properties o help with vaccine rollout across the country

Hotels offer 50,000+ properties to help with vaccine rollout across the countryWith more than 50,000 hotels in every state, including properties locat...

Don Jazzy join stingy men association SMAN

Stingy Men association" a new formed association created by social media user used as a fun on social media, whose aimed is spending nothing or less o...

Learn Forex trading

Forex is just a Short form for *FOREIGN EXCHANGE*Forex is one of the Largest market in the world With a Total Daily Liquidity of  $5.3 Trill...

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