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Article On Malaria (Approx. 2000 Words)


In 2009, malaria, a disease transmitted by the bite of an infective Anopheles mosquito, caused an estimated 225 million clinical cases and 781,000 deaths worldwide, of which more than 90% occurred in children aged <5 years in Africa (WHO World malaria report, 2010).

Approximately half of the world's population, or 3 billion persons, are at risk for acquiring the illness. Malaria is transmitted most intensely in central and western Africa, where in some areas >40% of children aged <10 years are infected and residents can be bitten by more than one infective mosquito every day of the year (Hay et al, 2007).

Malaria in humans is caused mainly by four species of the intra-erythrocytic parasite Plasmodium, of which Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax account for most morbidity worldwide. P. falciparum malaria is the most dangerous and can be fatal in 15%−20% of cases, even when appropriately treated. Death results from severe anemia, seizures and coma, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and other organ

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