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Every child has a dream of becoming a big figure in the society. 
But alot is left unsaid about the happenings going on in some parts of Nigeria; Northern part of Nigeria and Middle belt (northcentral).

Africa, as a continent has her fair share in thus too. 
In Malawi children get married at ages 12 and 13. In Nigeria, 43% of girls are married off before their 18 birthday and in the North East and Western Africa, 68% to 76%.

If you are below 18, you can't get married otherwise it's a Criminal offence. The achievement of an average teenager is marriage. It's a gender based discrimination and it's a form of violence against women, most expecially those that marry out of their will.

The major contributing factors to this hydra-headed menace are Environmental, Cultural inclinations and Religion. Poverty also contributes it's own menace as lack of finance to meet the basic needs also a diverting factor.

The consequence to these is so devastating and many end up having miserable lives.

A lot of health problems also arise from the aforementioned problem.

Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF ), which is a subtype of female urogenital fistula infection is a big health challenge militating against the Nothern Nigeria, Republic of Chad, Niger and some other subsaharan Africa.

Some of our age - long traditional practices need to fizzle out. They must be eradicated Because they more negative impact on the well being of the populace.

Against the belief among some races that getting married early reduces poverty, this is far from the truth. Infact the reverse is the case here as more mistery and want will surely be the last straw breaking the spine of such poverty-rattled family.

Cognizance and a sense of responsibility are key knots to be driven into the brain loçks of every bride of groom who intend to marry. This responsibility should as well be chaired by the parents.

The histogram of poverty keeps skyrocketing because young people are not aware of the responsibility they are to commit themselves into before marriage.

At 22 and 23 years of age, a lot of young women are not yet independent or gaining self reliance.

There is a notorious practice among some races where girls are offered as measures to settle debts. In other words, some are traded for bather. Some practices even go as worse as trading young women for livestock as goats and calves.

This says much about the unfair and callous treatment women and girls are subjected to everyday.

Frankly, by age 12 years, a child is still in the budding cycle and has nothing whatsoever to do with marriage.

Those are still the ages when she should still be playing with toys and be in school to learn her basics.

What will a child know about child advocating and protection..

It's really sad seeing an underage child being put in the family way and left to nurse yet another baby.

Concerned government agencies and other Human right bodies should please do something about this ugly vices.

Girls need to be girls, they need good education and descent lives too! © Zainab A Suleiman 2019 
All Rights Reserved.

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