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Drones Will Be Used To Deliver Coronavirus Tests And Medical Supplies To Remote Regions Under Plans That Allow For Safe 'air Corridors' To Be Set Up For Them To Fly In

Operators are currently banned from flying drones outside their sight line but the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) says it will relax these restrictions.


Drone companies say the aerial machines can be used for both medical and commercial supplies including coronavirus tests and will help minimise the spread of the virus due to the lack of human contact.


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Bennyedwin99 (Basic)   6 months ago

Ogochukwu (Basic)   6 months ago

Chigreatestmann (Basic)   7 months ago

Slimgee27 (Basic)   7 months ago
wasn't a bad idea

Pauplin (Basic)   7 months ago

Debbiesnow (Basic)   7 months ago

Benbruce (Basic)   7 months ago


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