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Essay On Measles (Approx. 2000 Words) Supervised By Dr. Demba (MRC, The Gambia)


 Measles virus, a paramyxovirus is one of the main causes of death in children in developing countries and responsible for some deaths in industrialized nations. Infection resorts to immunosuppression, making the host more susceptible to secondary infections with a range of viral and bacterial pathogens and causing most measles associated (Carter et al, 2007).

Measles is an acute highly viral infectious disease. Before vaccines, infection was nearly universal during childhood. It has no known animal reservoir and no asymptomatic carrier state has been recorded (Roy P et al, 2015).

Measles is still a common and fatal disease especially in developing countries. It is primarily transmitted through large respiratory droplets. It is highly infectious, with greater than 90% secondary attack rates among susceptible persons (CDC, 2015). It infects nearly 30 million children per year worldwide. Complications related to pneumonia, diarrhea and malnutrition usually cause death (Orenstein et al, 2004).

WHO estimates that of the approximately two- thirds of the global burden of death due to measles, a

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