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I Need Your Help To Urinate Again Like Every Other Person

This Post contains sensitive images.

Hi My Name is Musa Sanneh, I am Mandika Gambian. When I was really young, I had an accident and it affected my Pelvic region. It has been over 10 years now, I still have to empty my bladder through a catheter, inserted into my bladder via anterior abdominal wall. Almost every two weeks, I have to endure pains to go and get the urine bag and catheter changed, to prevent infection. 


Since I have grown older, the hole made in my anterior abdominal wall to allow the catheter into my bladder has be widening, urine usually leaks from this extra space. I carry the smell of urine around me now. 

Note that there is a space around the catheter through which urine leaks.

Please, I need your help to raise money for a Urethroplasty, the NCBI website lists the cost to be about $20,000. I do not really know how to go about this by myself. So if you are also willing to offer your knowledge, to help me go through with this process, I will be grateful.

If you need to speak to me in Person, you can reach me on +220 - 7328307. Also available on whatsapp. I would accept a video call. 

Even if you have no money to give me, Please click the button with 3 stars at the buttom left end of my post (that is above the like button) to help me earn off this website as a means of raising funds. 

Also, please share this link with your friends to help raise the right amount of funds in a short time. Thank you.


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