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Advertisement Has Been Tattooing Himself Every Day Since Going Into Isolation Because Of The Coronavirus

A man has been tattooing himself every day since going into isolation because of the coronavirus
Chris Woodhead, from East London, has tattooed himself every day since he went into isolation.

(CNN)After weeks of social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us are starting to go stir crazy.

While boredom has driven some people to cut their own bangs or maybe dye their hair that one color their mom begged them not to, one man has taken it to an entirely different level.
Chris Woodhead, a 33-year-old from East London, has been tattooing himself every day he's been in quarantine. As of Monday, the artist is on his 49th day of tattooing, and he has no intention of stopping.

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benbruce (Basic)   2 weeks ago

Mayor4real (Basic)   7 days ago
This is too much

odimlloyd (Basic)   4 days ago
This is madness



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