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Protect Yourself From Hepatitis B

The Basics: Overview
Hepatitis B is a virus that spreads from person to person through blood, semen (cum), and fluids from the vagina. A mother with hepatitis B can also pass it to her baby at birth.

Some people who get hepatitis B can get rid of the virus. Others develop chronic hepatitis B – a lifelong infection that can lead to liver disease and even death.

To protect yourself and your family from hepatitis B:

Make sure your children get the hepatitis B vaccine (shot). And ask your doctor if you need it.
Get tested for hepatitis B if you are pregnant or if you are at risk for infection.
Be safe when you travel to countries where hepatitis B is common.
Do I need the hepatitis B vaccine (shot)?
Hepatitis B can be prevented with a vaccine. The hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for:

All babies at birth
Anyone under age 19 who didn’t get the shots as a baby
Adults who are at risk for hepatitis B
If you think you might be at risk for hepatitis B, talk with your doctor or nurse about getting the vaccine. Find out more about who needs to get the hepatitis B vaccine.

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