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Simple Exercises To Improve Your Hand Strength And Range Of Motion

Our hands are unsung heroes that help us perform countless tasks every day from writing letters to tying your shoes. They also serve as tools for communication, expression, and emotion.


Help Improve Your Range of Motion  

This wrist ulnar/radial deviation exercise can help move your wrist and lubricate your hand’s tendons. For more exercises send for your Healthy Hands report today.

Support your forearm on a table on a rolled-up towel for pad­ding or on your knee, thumb upward.Move the hand straight up and down.


Improve Your Hand Strength

This exercise can help improve pinch strength and stabilize the thumb joint in individuals with thumb osteoarthritis.  NOTE: Do NOT do this exercise if you have carpal tunnel syndrome as it can worsen the condition.

Place a rubber band around a tennis ball. Place your index and middle fingers underneath the band as shown. While gen­tly squeezing the ball, lift the index finger up and outward (toward the thumb side).


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