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That Moment You Start A Story, And You Need More Suggestions On How To Continue... By E PLUS The Storyteller.



How to continue Writing a Story you have started.... By E PLUS The Storyteller.(E PLUS The Storyteller Creative Writing skills, Visual Arts Communication, Blogging and Storytelling Workshop (4) )



E PLUS The Storyteller, I started a story but along the way, I don't seem to know how to continue. Any ideas?


This is a common question, and trust me, it's very valid, because it gets to that point where you might get so overwhelmed with ideas, that fear, uncertainty, nervousness,  begins to creep in. This is because, you become your own critique, without any mercy!


Question: What do you hope to achieve from the story?


The answer to this question will not only take you back to the drawing board, but it will keep you at ease and set you on the right direction, and when you are on the right direction, your ideas become well put together, without any panic.


And because every story should have a theme, anchor your ideas on your theme, as the story unfolds with those idea(s) relating to every character, plot and narrative.


Sample questions that can help you brainstorm on your plotting. For example:


Why would any of your characters decide to be fraudulent?


Where would that lead the character?


Does the character change eventually?


What message do you want the viewers to take from that particular narrative?


How do you want your characters to relate with one another? Directly, indirectly or remotely?


And the brainstorming questions, continue...


I call this, the brain storming questions in storytelling!


More often, these brainstorming questions tackle more than 95% of your storytelling or narratives, then you will realise that you are actually heading somewhere.


Don't be compelled to be one directional, be flexible as this would help you launch out without inhibitions.


Choose your intent over your bias: because you started a story in a particular way, doesn't mean it can't change direction, it all depends on the direction of your inspiration.


 Remember, inspiration is the bedrock of Creativity! You are allowed to keep exploring, until every idea falls in place.


So keep writing, and establish your own creative niche, your own voice and your own signature on every story you set out to write, NEVER STOP! It's in you...



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E PLUS The Storyteller (Basic)   6 months ago
Take advantage of every moment, from the moment you feel what you feel, there is a story already playing out.

E PLUS The Storyteller (Basic)   6 months ago
It's all in the details


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