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The Little Beginning That Has Grown Into Something Tangible...(A True Life Story.)...On MEET THE GUEST..wit E PLUS The Storyteller.

Creativity is in the eye of the beholder, and this is exactly, the narrative of Eseosa Marian Eriakha, C.E.O of Diamond Creative Consult. The multifaceted business entrepreneur is fast cutting a niche in the Creative Accessory Industry.




Find out more about her story as she shares so much in details, with E PLUS the Storyteller, on this Edition of MEET THE GUEST.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Eseosa Marian Eriakha, C.E.O of Diamond Creative Consult, Good to have you on this edition of MEET THE GUEST..hosted by E PLUS the Storyteller.


 Eseosa Marian Eriakha  : Yes😍 thanks so much


E PLUS The Storyteller: You are one woman who is Creating such a buzz in the Creative Accessory industry, what's your inspiration?


 Eseosa Marian Eriakha  : My inspiration is first, God-given, and then my environment per time.



 E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmm.. interesting. Can you tell us more?

How did this Creativity start?


 Eseosa Marian Eriakha : Yes, God-given, in the quest of 'what next?' it comes like having sleepless nights over a particular skill to acquire. It all started in 2004 at Ekiti state, where I did my NYSC, as a big girl😂.. because going for youth service was by God's favour, with regards to  "age factor". 


In the Land of Ise_ Orun earning just Seven thousand naira, in the entire  month. I began to think what next? This culminated to my calling up a beads trainer in Benin, I traveled down and acquired the skill. And guess what? it became my major source of income, and I had fellow Corp members, coming to register for training etc.


 E PLUS The Storyteller: Wow!! This is quite revealing! Such foresight. Great. So, for you, it's been a matter of,  no looking back?😊


 Eseosa Marian Eriakha : True... pressing on, to greater heights.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Now, let's talk about your brand, what inspired the name: Diamond Creative Consult'.

Quite a unique name, I must say.


  Eseosa Marian Eriakha: The name, Diamond Creative Consult,was inspired by the popular saying:  'Name Works'.


 Having a futuristic purpose of being a star in the business world and  consultant/ trainer.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm.. Insightful, and I know the name 'Diamond Creative Consult' resonates with its vision, indeed.


Your works are so beautiful, apart from the beads and earrings, are they more we can get from Diamond Creative Consult'?


   Eseosa Marian Eriakha: Yes, Diamond Creative Consult is a "conglomerate". We are into beaded jewelries making, automatic gele, automatic fan gele, automatic crown gele, feather hand fans,Events decoration, Ankara craft, general sales and training.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Awesome👍So for all occasions, Diamond Creative Consult is a sure deal?


Eseosa Marian Eriakha: Yes, any event,such as birthdays, traditional marriage ceremony,white weddings, reception,child dedications, wedding anniversary,house warming, burial of the old, etc


E PLUS The Storyteller: How do one, enrol in Diamond Creative Consult', training?


 Eseosa Marian Eriakha:  For enrolment as a trainee , all you need to do is,  pick up a registration form, after you have indicated your area of interest. Then you pay  your trainee fee/ tuition and the training commences. Both practical classes and theoretical lessons.

E PLUS The Storyteller: Great! Who qualifies to enrol for the training at Diamond Creative Consult'?


  Eseosa Marian Eriakha : Anyone, who has a passion to 'Become More', is eligible for enrolment, registration is open  for both children and adults i.e ages 9 and above


E PLUS The Storyteller: Splendid!

 What qualifies a good Fashion Accessory?


  Eseosa Marian Eriakha : Aha! The make up , regards materials put together, style and finishing.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Great..


 Eseosa Marian Eriakha  : Thank you


E PLUS The Storyteller: Eseosa Marian Eriakha, C.E.O of Diamond Creative Consult, it's been such an insightful time with you..


 Any word for the viewers?


   Eseosa Marian Eriakha: Thank you so much for this awesome moment@ Ejiro The Story Teller. To my viewers, settle for nothing less, settle for greatness.

You become what you see with your eyes of imagination, by working it out.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Absolutely👏🏻👏🏻

How can anyone reach you?


    Eseosa Marian Eriakha: You can reach me globally on WhatsApp- 08026805445, On  Facebook- connect @ Eseosa Marian Eriakha


 E PLUS The Storyteller: Thank you. The entire team of E PLUS the Storyteller wish you the very best in all your endeavours, and many more success stories in Jesus name.


     Eseosa Marian Eriakha : Amen Thanks everyone...bye🤚for now

There you have! Viewers, don't miss out on all the packages that Diamond Creative Consult has to offer. Reach out now.  Below, is a link to one of the tutorial on how to make Auto Gele by 

C.E.O, Diamond Creative Consult. Click to watch..



It keeps getting better on every edition of this exclusive column tagged: MEET THE GUEST...hosted by E PLUS the Storyteller. To be on this exclusive programme, you can send a message to 07081536821. We look forward to hearing from you!🤗

Remember, inspiration is the bedrock of Creativity, you can explore yours. Never limit your potentials, opportunities are everywhere, just remain focused.

No more procrastination. Every time you are inspired in a direction, harness the chance.

You can create something out of nothing..

Every space is a platform to thrive. 

Stay tuned for more interesting editions of this exclusive column.



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