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What Is Self Control? My Experience.

I went to the Restaurant today! I was hungry, plus I had been feeling drive-less recently.

Ordered a plate of food to take home, because I was too down to even cook. Then I noticed the Alcohol 🍺 in the fridge. 

Honestly felt like I needed some to help my mood, atleast temporarily. I did ask the price, got the money and was ready to pay. 

It was gonna boost me, alcohol really would make me feel different, I am pretty sure of a short but worth the while benefit with alcohol, any day anytime.

You won’t believe it, but I did chicken out of getting it 🍺 .
I call that self control, don’t know what you call it, unmanly? Weak? Asocial? Poverty? Erm? Whatever?

I was able to give up:
1. Some pleasure I thought I needed more than anything else at that moment
2. Some pleasure with an obvious short term benefit
3. Some pleasure that demands spending and continuous spending to maintain.

I was able to control myself. We all need self control to achieve at different focuses. I mean, I could make a list, but let’s refrain as you keep in mind that you need that self control EVERYDAY, EVERYTIME.

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kweenpearl321 (Basic)   3 weeks ago

kweenpearl321 (Basic)   3 weeks ago

kweenpearl321 (Basic)   3 weeks ago



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