Personal Care and Beauty contest  Sponsored by Ayurvedic Beauty Soap
Personal Care And Beauty Contest Sponsored By Ayurvedic Beauty Soap


Entry is allowed until the end 23rd December 2019 of the contest

This contest is Sponsored by Ayurvedic Beauty Soap. Call/Whatsapp +1(209)336-6860 to order your Ayurvedic Healing Beauty soap. 

Everyone can participate 

- First Prize: $135
- Second Prize: $80
- Third Prize: $40

Prize day is 24th December 2019

Other Participants would get the amount they earned as per our policy.

To redeem your Prize
1. You must own a paypal account or
2. Operate a bank account in India, Nigeria or Gambia.

How to Enter
- Login to your account on Pejoweb (Registration is free)
- Upload a Post to 'Personal care and Beauty' category on any of following pages 
i. Article  (Minimum of 800 words),
ii. Picture Album (Minimum of 8 pics) or
iii. Video (Minimum of 4 mins)  
- To create a post, simply click the create button present on every page.
- Invite your friends to boost your earnings (By clicking the boost button at the end of your post)
- The top three posts with the highest earnings would be selected as winners 
- Other participants would be rewarded as they have earned

Some suggested themes for you (You may modify or use as it is)
- Fashion 
- Daily Beauty Routines
- Makeup
- Hair and Skin care tips
- DIY beauty and Personal care home recipes
- Healthy eating and living practices
- Quality products review 
- Weight loss tips. ETC

- You may upload several times to one or other pages (Albums, Articles, Videos)
- You may work in a group. 
- Be Original (Unoriginal contents risk disqualification).
- We reserve the rights to modify the prizes to suit the number of participants (ie more participants, More winners, Less participants, Less winners)

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