s '; How Alcohol solves Problems! Easy!!

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How Alcohol solves Problems! Easy!!

How Alcohol Solves Problems! Easy!!

First, you get a problem without a visible solution in sight.

You are overwhelmed and disgusted, so you go for the bottle of liquor. 

One glass, two glasses. Some more and boom 💥! You are in the next realm.

Locked away from reality, ayy but for a few moment.

Then you start to see your problems again, when the alcohol starts to drain, this time in a different light.

You are back to reality, this time with a different approach to hit your problems hard with a club.

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Heavo(Basic)   8 months ago
U are right

Rasterfarhymez(Basic)   9 months ago

Bennyedwin99(Basic)   10 months ago



Alcohol is not good for your health 

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