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Kairaba Avenue - Gambia @ 1 AM - All Thrills Kairaba Avenue - Gambia @ 1 AM - All Thrills
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Kairaba Avenue - Gambia @ 1 AM - All Thrills Kairaba Avenue - Gambia @ 1 AM - All Thrills

Kairaba Avenue - Gambia @ 1 AM - All Thrills

This is Gambia Kairaba Avenue, at 1 AM. Ladies everywhere, peace and calm, no security personnel in sight. Oh, I forgot to take a picture, I was walking home, a long distance. 

One of of the greatest assets of a nation, before wealth is its peaceful and accomodatability. Gambia doesn’t have a lot, very few natural resources. But what it has, a great asset in disguise, her peace. 

I got got to Gambia in early 2014, overall the development from 2014 till date is highly remarkable. 

With Gambia having one of the best Universities to be in Modern West Africa (The American International University West Africa, The Gambia) - A talk for another time.
Gambia also has one of the best electricity supply (if not the best around West Africa). The rate of Growth of the Medical field is in a geometric progression and so on and so on. 

The truth is, all that a business would need to thrive is present here in Gambia. (Remember that Import charges are friendly too)

And Education? Yes, Gambia seems pretty expensive to the foreigner - Transportation, Feeding and housing. 

Some ways you can cut down this expenses include:
1. Exercise more - Walk to School if it’s nearby, Ride a bicycle if it’s a considerable distance, wake up early and take a bus, if it’s pretty far - point is if you think Transportation is too expensive, boycott taxis.

2. Get used to Local foods and cook simple - you are a student

3. Housing - Be good to the Gambian locals, a lot of them have a very comfortable room to spare. Gambians are really nice people and they can trust you with all they have got. 
If you really can’t be nice, you can find really cheap apartments if you don’t mind sharing a toilet, or living pretty far from your school. 
Or just rent an expensive comfortable place and make sure, that’s where you spend all your money.

I have the right to make this judgement because I am Nigerian, I have visited Ghana, Guinea-Buissau, Benin. I have heard stories of other West African countries. 

None beats Gambia - Keep it up Gambia

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Eugene2(Basic)   6 months ago


Some Amazing Pictures from Gambia and You really need to visit the Gambia

There are many reasons why you should visit Gambia. It would be really great to give you a list of o

Am I the finest Gambian gal in The Gambia?

Please I need an answer. Everybody tells me I am the finest, but I don't know if they are joking wit


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