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How to know when To suspect appendicitis and go to the clinic ASAP How to know when To suspect appendicitis and go to the clinic ASAP
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How to know when To suspect appendicitis and go to the clinic ASAP How to know when To suspect appendicitis and go to the clinic ASAP

How To Know When To Suspect Appendicitis And Go To The Clinic ASAP

Hi Appendicitis is an inflammation (the body reacting to a blockage in the appendix) of the appendix.

You can think your appendix is just a little extension of your large bowels on the right lower side of your abdomen.

Appendicitis can be really dangerous if not caught and treated on time. If caught early, it would your health and life, while it saves the Doctors’ time.

You can prevent appendicitis by eating good amount of fibers and prevention or early proper management of infections. Since the most common causes are hardened stools and excess growth of some tissues (present in the appendix) that help the body fight off infections 

If you feel any type of pain around your abdomen, usually a vague pain (ref: Picture 2) that later moves and stays at the Lower right part of your abdomen (ref: Picture 3, Number 1)
Suspect Appendicitis. At this point you should go ASAP to the nearest clinic to get this diagnosis confirmed by a doctor.

If you are not convinced, you can lie on your back, and try to press on the lower right part of the abdomen (you can ask help from a friend) the point to press would be number 1 on picture 3. Point number 1 on picture 3 is called Mcburney point. If you feel pain when you lift your fingers from the right lower part of your abdomen (ie point 1 on picture 3), it is still most likely Appendicitis (acute appendicitis). The pain you feel when your fingers are lifted off after pressing on this point is called Blumnerg sign (Rebound tenderness)

Still not convinced? Then, while you still lay on your back, press the pads of your fingers (better done by your friend) against the lower left part of your abdomen (ref: Picture 4), if you feel pain on the lower right side (This is called Rovsing sign),   I could bet that you have appendicitis, and it is better not to delay going to get it confirmed at the hospital. 

Please note that it might be as exactly described above, just make sure to report any pain that starts around your navel/umbilicus and later travels to your right lower abdomen. Also report every long standing or severe stomach/abdominal pain ASAP.

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Xmocrew(Plus)   2 months ago
Very good

Xmocrew(Plus)   2 months ago

Xmocrew(Plus)   2 months ago
Nice one

Peter(Plus)   6 months ago
You put work into this. Prettiest lady!

Peter(Plus)   6 months ago
Catch it early at home 👈

Crisben(Basic)   7 months ago
thanks for the information

Doctex(Basic)   7 months ago

Pauplin(Basic)   7 months ago

Succjay(Basic)   8 months ago

emires(Basic)   8 months ago
Great idea

Ekeneswa(Basic)   8 months ago
Thanks, very informative piece👍

OluwatoyinboTV12(Basic)   8 months ago


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