s Check out how some youngsters Protested for Climate change

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Check out how some youngsters Protested for Climate change

Check Out How Some Youngsters Protested For Climate Change

The first picture is an information for you. In my simple terms “If you want something done, be a part of achieving it” or “If you want something changed, be a part of changing it”. Even if you have to fight!!!

Youngsters, I am talking people in pre/early 20s (20s isn’t being young, it wasn’t ever too young to achieve) took to the streets in the US to fight climate change and to force the governments to recognize and do something about it. 

The question is, what are you doing about your current need? Are you a part of something that bothers you? Are you a part of Something you hope to achieve or change?

You are not too young to start!!!

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David(Basic)   11 months ago
Wow that's


You can change your mind but you can never change what's inside your heart

I will always be on top no matter how little I am 12


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