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Ghanian Youths Rejected Bags Of Rice And Demanded For Employment And Good Governance

Ghanian youths rejected bags of rice and stand united to demand for employment and good governance from a campaigning politician. I wonder if this could happen in Nigeria where citizens prefer to take five thousand Naira to cook a delicious soup that would only last for two days or three, then what? 4-8 years of hardship and injustice continues.Truly "The man died," who kept mute in the face of tyrany!#Wake_up_Nigeria

Please be careful with Who you trust!!!!

Always be very vigilant and don't forget to never get too comfortable!!!! Just see how this woman cut off her boyfriends private part


Donald Trump recently flogged on the head

So hilarious 

Charlie Charlie finally tells if Biafrans will defeat Nigeria

Will Biafra comes to existence in 2023

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