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Others : Music Lover,Novel Addict, Loner Vibes, A Passionate Writer, Always Here To Keep Smiles On You

Wants to meet Just Friends : I Love Everyone From All Works Of Life. I Will Just Love To Be Friends With You And Nothing Else About Business. But If You Want To Talk About Biz, Then Why Not?
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Who knows?

Beautiful Saturday Quotes That Keeps You Alive

Ever wondered what you are living?Its because of God. Never give up in life because he hasnt given up on you.


When You Jealous Of Someone

This happens to a lot of people. They seem to get angry at everything towards someone for no reason.

superb dancing style by a guy

Who is seeing this?  OMG!This guy is awesome

4 Things In A Relationship That Must Not Be Shared With Anyone Other Than Your Partner

An intimate relationship is all about affection, feelings, care between two people supposedly a man and a woman. This, therefore, means that a threesome in a relationship is n...


Rita Dominic Tells Those Working For Evil Politicians That Money And Power Cannot Wash Them Clean

Rita Dominic, a Nollywood actress is one of the numerous actresses that stood up to the EndSARS movement in the country. She stood up against police brutality together with mu...

Nigerian Drug Dealer Caught With 6 Grams Of Cocaine In India

A Nigerian, and a Drug Peddler, Daniel was caught in India trading 6grams of cocaine to some customers.The Nigerian,  Daniel Ayotunde Olamide who is a 32-yr old Nigerian ...

The Wrong wife

When your mother brings with for you. Wait for it. Who has experienced this


How to be a 3% Man and take a Step to Win the Heart of the Woman of your dreams by Corey Wayne.

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