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Don’t Depend On Anyone

Don’t repend on anybody

Computer Science Vs Computer Engineering – What’s The Difference?

Many people have mistaken computer science and computer engineering to be similar discipline. Well, the truth is that they’re quite distinct, however, both also have sim...

This Helps You To Vomit Poison

METHOD: Grind four pieces of drie bitter cola mix it with about two shorts of palm kernel oil (PKO) and half a tin of milk.Dosage: Take all as a single dose, about f...


Just Laugh Out Your Sorrow

Is good to have a patner


Innovation Engineering: Principles and MethodologyBy Ikhlaq Sidhu | May 22, 2019 Let’s start with the problem. The fact is that most

Learn Forex Trading

Forex is just a Short form for *FOREIGN EXCHANGE*Forex is one of the Largest market in the world With a Total Daily Liquidity of  $5.3 Trillion dollarsThe New York S...

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