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Nearly 2,100 Died Of Covid-19 In US

Nearly 2,100 died of covid-19 in U.S. on Tuesday, deadliest day since early summerThree experts from Johns Hopkins University's epidemiology department weigh in on best practi...

Nigeria Mourns 17 Years Old Who Had The Best WAEC Result 2019

Nigeria mourns as 17-year-old girl who had the best 2019 WAEC result diesAuthor: Tunde OsosanyaUPDATED: 15 HOURS AGOVIEWS: 53179Category: Local news, NG Pe...

Maina:Arewa Youth React To The Detention Of Ndume

NEWSMaina: Arewa youths react to detention of Ndume, question failure to arrest Abaribe over Nnamdi KanuPublished on November 23, 2020By John Owen NwachukwuArew...



The video is very educative in the sense that the growing lad who wanted to dispose his empty water bottle saw it as trash,but the woman who was busy picking it from the bin saw it as treasure,because she had to sell them to get money..

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