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I hope this piece helps you find and develop the right personality that would influence an exponential growth for you and those around you.

Trip to Dakar

It was not completely a holiday trip, I ll say more of a business trip. It is good to find time to relax regardless.

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I finally realised that people are prisoners of their phones, thats why it's called a "cell phone". 


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How to know when To suspect appendicitis and go to the clinic ASAP

Hi Appendicitis is an inflammation (the body reacting to a blockage in the appendix) of the appendix.You can think your appendix is just a little extension of your large bowels

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Intelligent Sons are a product of Mothers, not fathers

You would be amazed to find out that Intelligent mothers give birth to Intelligent sons (Most likely) and Unintelligent mothers to unintelligent sons. The women share from both pa

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