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Earning On Pejoweb

Earning on Pejoweb (Summary)
1. Creating Content
2. Receiving Donations
3. Affiliation
4. Partaking in Pejoweb contest (Read More about contests)

Please watch how to edit your posts

1. Creating content

To earn with this method you need to be consistent. You need to build your audience who would always come back to view your posts. 

The process is really straight forward too. Create a post and share. Focus on a niche like sports, Medicine, Technology etc to get a target audience that would grow overtime.

It is true that other users would view your posts and search engines may send traffic to your pages (hence helping you earn), yet relying on those methods would take a ton of patience.

The fastest way to earn on this path, is by sharing your links.  

Your earnings increase for every view and/or like you get on each post (AlbumsArticles/Poems etcVideos and Files

You are allowed to post and earn off unlimited amounts of posts as often as you wish.

Earnings per post may fluctuate. 

Take note that the system may calculate your earnings based on the quality of your posts.

For example, articles with very few words or poor readability, i.e Poor paragraphing, Headings etc may earn you less per view or like.

Posts with poor pictures also cost you.

Original content earn better than copied content.

To earn properly per post, make sure it is of good quality.

Poor posts may cost you your earnings. 

You can request a payout only after you have earned up to $10 (Ten dollars).  

2. Receiving donations

Another way users with great content earn is through donations from viewers who feel impressed with their posts. You may also receive donations through paypal. We will take 10% on every donation made to a user.

3. Affiliation

Pejoweb's affiliation program pays you when you invite your friends to come and play a role in dissemination of proper information online.

To Earn by this method, copy and share your affiliation link.

Locate your afiliation link on your profile page.

You also earn by promoting other users items available for sale on the shop section of this platform. 

4. Contest
Read More at Can You Help Us Find A Face For Pejoweb?

Receiving payment
To receive payment on this platform, you must fill your account details (Name of Bank and Account number) correctly on your profile form. Western UnionPaystack and Paypal are also accepted forms of payment.

Who can earn
1. People in Africa (Through direct bank transfer or Paystack)
2. People in India (Through direct bank transfer or Paypal)
2. Anyone in any country who can receive payments through paypal or Western union.

Leave a comment below or send a mail to

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