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Microbiology: Some General Concepts

Appendages: Think of appendages as limbs of bacteria.Appendages must contain protein (Either just protein or Glycoprotein)Bacteria Appendages: Flagellum, Sex Pilus and FImbrae...

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The Glasgow Coma Scale made easy

GLASGOW COMA SCALE Summary Remember: 4, 5 & 6 for Eyes, Mouth & Movement EYE Opening (EYES Has 4 letters; carries 4 points) 1.      Neve...

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Diabetic Foot Examination (Surgery rotations)

Foot Examination1.       Define Diabetic footA constellation of Physical findings and Medical complications in the foot, arising as a consequence...

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Factors that affect wound healing (Common question in surgery rotations Gambia)

Many of these factors are related, and the systemic factors mostly affects wound healing by influencing the local factors.   Factors affecting wound healing can be cate...

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