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Creative Writing Skills From The Cradle... By E PLUS The Storyteller.



Creative Writing Skills From the Cradle.. by E PLUS The Storyteller.

So, your child randomly puts down his/her first idea or impression on paper, actually it's the first debut! And you can perceive the excitement, for all it's worth, this gesture mustn't be taken for granted. Your Child has just launched out the first step of becoming a Creative Writer, Congratulations­čĄŁ­čĆ╗.

Question: What next?

1.First, encouragement is key! Pop a champagne, order some pizza, get some chocolates, prepare something special, whatever you do, celebrate this giant stride. Every child has that innate potential on becoming creative thus, early discovery is a plus.

2. Set the tone for further conversation, every child wants to communicate hence, the expressions suffice through colours, words, body language, all captured in that harmless and innocent scribble that might look like nothing now, yet a potential masterpiece. Dedicate time and a sense of utmost commitment in ensuring that, that child gets the much needed approval- it's a grease of some sort to keep going, and explore without inhibitions.

3.keep record of every stride the child makes, create a gallery and collection of works done- this is good for referencing.

4. Compliment the child's effort, by introducing him/her to creative platforms that would help build a formidable acquisition of creative resources, thereby enabling the child gain confidence and prowess.

 This would also stimulate the child's passion for Creative 

5.Boost your children's confidence whenever doubts set in. Your encouraging words are golden at this point, as this would further strengthen and help them develop a positive attitude, self esteem, and  confidence, alongside the Never-say-never disposition.

6. Give feedbacks: Feedbacks are expedient, particularly when you are deliberate about pointing the child towards the right direction.


 Do not hesitate to draw the attention of the child  to his or her  shortfall, however this should be done with utmost sense of sound and constructive judgement, assuring the child that there is always room for improvement.

Remember, inspiration is the bedrock of Creativity, every child should be encouraged to explore his/her creative potentials. Like I always say,  you never know! That child might be the next big story, gracing the headlines.

To register for your online Creative Writing Skills, Visual Arts, Blogging and Storytelling Session, call or send a WhatsApp message to 07081536821.



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Blessing222 (Basic)   a month ago

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Nice one

E PLUS The Storyteller (Basic)   8 months ago
Thanks everyone

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I love this

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Crisben (Basic)   9 months ago

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Fredj8091 (Basic)   10 months ago
Wow nice

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