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Do Not Go Into The Sun Without A Protective Shade, You May Hurt Your Eyes If You Do.

The exposure to sunlight and many other bright lights is known to cause Solar Retinopathy.

Photic retinopathy is damage to the eye's retina, particularly the macula(an oval-shaped pigmented area near the center of the retina of the human eye and some other animalian eyes.), from prolonged exposure to solar radiation or other bright light, e.g., lasers or arc welders. 

The term includes solar, laser, and welder's retinopathy and is synonymous with retinal phototoxicity. 

It usually occurs due to staring at the Sun, watching a solar eclipse, or viewing an ultraviolet, Illuminant D65, or other bright light.

Long-term reduced eyesight and central or paracentral scotoma(an area of partial alteration in the field of vision) are symptoms of solar retinopathy.

Photic retinopathy generally goes away on its own over time, but there is no specific treatment known to be reliable for speeding recovery. 
One path sometimes attempted, which has unclear results, is to treat the initial macular edema with corticosteroids.


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Ishola (Premium)   10 months ago
Cool cool cool


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