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How To Become A Licensed Physician In The United States Without Residency. Just With Steps



My wife lives in USA. She is a skin care specialist. She is planning to open her own skin care shop in 2020.

I am a cardiologist in Turkey. I am planning to move to US in 2021. So I started to study for USMLE steps. But I have a few questions because I am not sure that taking all the steps and expending effort in this way will be futile for me.

I am planning to implement non-surgical estehtic applications in her clinic.

Can I do these applications in US after achieving all the steps and being certified by American Esthetic Association BUT WITHOUT DOING RESIDENCY.

Or another question is if I cannot do this, can I work as a general practitioner WITHOUT DOING RESIDENCY and how much averagely can I earn as a GP.

That is to say what can I do after achieving all the steps BUT WITHOUT DOING RESIDENCY. I am studying fort the exams but I cannot envision which way I will go…PLEASE HELP ME…TIA


You can be a Licensed physician in the US without Residency. Read on

Without USMLE exam you can never be a licensed physician---> True.

But without Residency ? ----> that is FALES.

You can become a licensed physician in the united states and there are 2 other options (If you are already a specialist) without proper residency you can get the US medical license:

1. USMLE steps 1,2 & 3 + Fellowship in Cardiology.

And since you are already a cardiologist, this is possible

if you make/look for some connections in the field, just sign up for a conference or 2, mingle with your Cardio peers and life will be terrific, just try hard.

2 (this option is even better but a little harder, but doable)

Steps 1,2 & 3 + proof of your experience in cardiology in Turkey (the more years the better).
You can use these 2 things to apply for the Department of regulatory agencies at the state you like to practice in and they can grant you a waiver from residency based on your experience.
This is TRUE, LEGAL, and very subjective (it is how you convey yourself and convince the DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies).

NB: Option 2 only works if you are already a specialist.

I understand that most people don't know, but these are just true facts, and because others don't know about them, it does not mean that these are not TRUE.

I hope this helps.

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