About Pejoweb
About Pejoweb


PEJOWEB is mainly a web based platform where users can play a major role in creating a more informed society by sharing informative and educative information in Picture albums, Articles/Poems, Videos and Files (Audios, Videos, Books, Powerpoint, compressed files etc).

To encourage users, pejoweb rewards users according to the quality and the reach of their posts (Views and Like/Approvals)

Users can also connect and  Do business/Sell their items free of charge.

Users also earn when they solve or partake in occasional puzzles/contests on pejoweb.

This platform is aimed at improving intellect and skills among it’s members to encourage innovativeness. 

Creative, Hardworking and Competitive members are rewarded when they harness their mental power in developing themselves and their communities through positive reinforcement offered by Pejoweb.

Get caught up in PEJOWEB  

Rewards may include:

1.      Scholarships

2.      Study Materials

3.      Writing materials

4.      Phones

5.      Laptops

6.      Mp3 players

7.      Schoolbags

8.      Mosquito nets

9.      Recharge cards

10.    Power banks

11.    Headphones

12.    Bicycles

13.    Pocket monies etc.

Rewarding users and organizing of contests are not sole responsibilities of Pejoweb administrators. Other users can organize online contests too using hashtags, codes and addition of special names tags to their titles. 


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